About Us

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!”
~ Abraham Kuyper

Joyfully living out the image of God in Milwaukee for the good of all people.

God desires for the people He created in His image to fully flourish. This happens as the church uses the gifts God has given them to care for the community He has planted them in, creating and cultivating beauty and peace in every square inch of His city.

This means no less than worshiping the Triune God corporately on Sunday mornings, but it definitely means more. All of creation, all of our lives belong to God. Just as God the Father sent the Son, so God the Son sent the Spirit, and now God the Spirit has sent the church to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God is here. And it is so good!


God created the nations. He created culture. If we are going to fully experience God, we must embrace the diversity that He created to display His glory. Our dream is to not be known as a white church or a black church – but as the church. We embrace the joys of diversity through appreciating different forms and styles of worship. We embrace the challenges of diversity through building relationships with people who are different from us. And we embrace the pain of diversity through doing the hard work of racial reconciliation.

church outdoors imago dei


Imago Dei is committed to executing ministry as a team of teams. There is only one superstar in this church, and His Name is Jesus. The rest of us are just trying to follow His lead, together. We believe that we can only live out the image of God by serving Him as a team of teams. Jesus did this with the 12, Paul with Timothy, Titus, and others; in fact, it’s challenging to find an example of individualistic ministry in the Bible. And typically, where you can, the story doesn’t end well!

Leadership Development

The world today is suffering from a lack of leadership. There was a time in history when the world looked to the church to provide leadership in many different spheres of life including art, music, government, and more.We believe God has positioned Imago Dei to discover, develop, and deploy leaders into the world. We are committed to developing future pastors, church planters and missionaries as well as web designers, business leaders, and musicians. If “God so loved the world that He would send His only Son…” then it follows that God still loves the world enough to send His church into the world—to live out His image by engaging Milwaukee.

Leadership Team

Elders. The primary responsibility of the elders is to lead the church to follow Jesus. God has called elders to shepherd the church Jesus purchased with His blood. Our elders do this through seeking to apply the gospel in prayer, teaching, counseling, and corporate decision making.

tim hoeksema interim pastor

Tim Hoeksema, Interim Pastor

robby mueller church elder

Robby Mueller, Elder

greg mathews church elder

Greg Mathews, Elder

Ministry Leaders. The primary responsibility of the deacons is to serve the church in collaboration with the elders. The Greek word for “Deacon” is the same word as “to serve.” Our deacons serve our church by leading various ministry teams and initiatives.

rob idom corporate worship-director

Rob Idom, Corporate Worship

kelsey lambrecht director kids ministry

Kelsey Jankowski, Family Ministry

matt blievernicht rem groups

Matt Blievernicht, REM Groups