Real Life, Real Faith,
Real Hope.

Welcome to Imago Dei Church in Milwaukee

We exist to live out the image of God in Milwaukee for the good of all people. Imago Dei Church is a community of believers who delight in the gospel.

We are here for those who aren’t here yet

The church is a community of faith with arms wrapped around a community in pain” – John Perkins

multi-ethnic church milwaukee

The church is a big family, and the family is a little church

Those who place their hope in His sacrifice are born again into His family. That’s why we do church as a family. We get to begin enjoying all of the privileges of having God as our Father – right here and right now.

We were made to delight in God’s greatest delight – Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus gave up His rights as the Son of God to pay the price for us to be adopted into the family of God. His life for ours. Our shame for His righteousness. Our pain for His joy. Our cross for His throne. Our death for His life.

Join Imago Dei for Corporate Worship this Sunday at 10AM.

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